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drawings of aging facilities may no longer be around

drawings of aging facilities may no longer be around

Premises such as manufacturing or assembly plants have a crucial need to understand the layout of their facilities. Placement and optimization of machinery and equipment is key to the daily operations, and companies can ill afford any errors in this aspect. Planning is commonly done via 2D layouts, which carries a limitation due to its planar view, not to mention possible errors and disparities between the drawing and the actual objects themselves. This leads to possible risks, especially during the addition of new equipment or machinery, when sometimes the whole layout has to be compromised.

Laser Scanning proves to be a effective solution to this problem. At Aries Geomatics, our team of professionals will be able to accurately scan the entire facility if required, and convert them into a 3D model for analysis of the respective spatial constraints and allowances. We will be able to scan individual equipment and machinery as well, shifting them around for layout planning and offering different viewpoints. If required, products can also be animated to move through the entire production line to prevent potential clashes. 

On top of the above benefits, let's not forget that with the digital documentation of the facility, the BIM workflow can be adopted as well, bringing with it the benefits that you can read about here.

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