A Tool For The Digital Age

complex structures calls for the utilisation of better process workflows

complex structures calls for the utilisation of better process workflows

Building information Modeling (BIM) is a tool for the digital age, a process that enhances project management and coordination by the digitalisation of structures, buildings and premises. This process creates and manages all the information before, during, and after the project, allowing for enhanced planning, execution and future works. The Building Information Model is the final product of this process, which can be used by a range of professionals across various industries. Now different parties from different entities can work on the same project seamlessly, facilitating coordination and handovers.

3D Laser Scanning is well known for supporting the application of BIM. With the 3D point cloud data from the 3D Laser Scanner able to be converted into 3D models by programmes such as AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit. This allows the existing structure or building to be converted into an as-built model, which would be an effective method to ensure that the relevant parties are working with the same, accurate data. With the 3D model integrated into BIM, other aspects of BIM can be utilised, such as facility management and future, post-project works. 

Architects and Interior Designers are increasingly taking to the benefits of AutoCAD Revit and the BIM Model. Find out how they could do so in our next section.

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