The Common Misconceptions of 3D Laser Scanning

The Common Misconceptions of 3D Laser Scanning

Ever since we started providing Laser Scanning services a couple of years back, we have received many enquiries and queries with regards to this technology. This does not come as a surprise of course, since this technology is relatively new in our region, and as we have the necessary skill sets and knowledge, we were more than happy to be able to help our clients.

During meetings, we noted that many questions revolve around the same set of concerns, and we soon found out that there were several misconceptions about Laser Scanning which hindered the adaptation of this technology.

Hence today, we will be sharing some of the common misconceptions that we encounter daily, and hopefully it will be helpful to companies or industries out there who are in the midst of consideration!

The Top 5

1.    Laser Scanning is Expensive

No doubt, the 3D Laser Scanner is an expensive piece of equipment. Ranging from the mid 5-figures to the low 6-figures, this equipment is not something that you would buy on a whim. However, as professional service providers, we will be able to make sense of the depreciation of the 3D Laser Scanner, taking the price of our service down to a very reasonable range. Till now, it definitely does not scare our clients away.

2.    It is not worth it

Value is something that we strongly believe in. We would definitely not recommend a solution if the current process that you have makes more sense or generates for value for your company. 3D Laser Scanning is something that easily creates more value than traditional 2D processes mainly due to the fact that it is in 3-dimensional form. With that extra perception of depth, plenty of avenues are now open and available, including but not limited to 3D modeling, 3D analysis, panoramic walkthroughs and point cloud animation. Value is definitely something not lacking here!

3.    It takes up a lot of time

This particular point depends a lot on the service provider. Technically speaking, the only time we need to be on site (we understand, it causes inconvenience), is during the site visit, and for the scanning operations itself. A coloured scan would not take more than several minutes, and our engineers use the site visit to plan the scanning positions before hand, ensuring efficiency when they head down on that day itself.  For gauging purposes, we did complete the scanning of a 2-level pharmaceutical plant (around 50m by 50m) within a week! Of course, the subsequent modeling and analysis does take time, but we complete these work in our offices, leaving your daily operations to run as per usual.

4.    It is troublesome

While it is definitely tempting to stay with the current processes, there must be a reason why so many companies (and governments) out there are turning to Laser Scanning services. No doubt it is a new process, which means that some synergy with us has to take place. However, this trouble is well worth it, when you take into account the amount of time, effort and energy that you will save. Once the initial adaptation phase is over, the benefits of 3D Laser Scanning will roll in, making the initial investment in the service a comparatively insignificant one.

5.    The change is too abrupt

This is something very understandable, as ill managed transitions will result in impacts that we do not wish to have. However, the change does not have to be abrupt, with proper plans and management. For instance, we do suggest to our clients to introduce 3D Laser Scanning as a complement to their current processes. This allows the technology to act as an additional control measure, adding robustness to the process, while the company gets used to it. This technology can be gradually pushed on downstream, benefiting processes with as little disruption as possible.

Don't hesitate! Just ask and it'll be answered!

And so this concludes 5 of the misconceptions that people usually have about 3D Laser Scanning. Of course, there are possibly other misconceptions, or even just questions that you would like answered. The list is inexhaustible, and so we could not possibly cover them all over here. However, you can simply drop us an email, or contact us directly on our contact page, and as always, we will be happy to be of assistance!