The Woes of the Bid-Tender Process

3D Laser Scanning: Making a Name for Itself


The availability and affordability of 3D Laser Scanning in recent years has seen it progressively make a name for itself across various industries, complementing current engineering processes and at times, rendering some of them obsolete. With the advancement of technology, constant improvements to processes are often explored and innovated, and this particular technology fits in right to a T.

Many companies are beginning to include this technology as a requirement in their engineering processes, leveraging on the many benefits that it brings to the plate (take a look at our website for some examples). For corporations who sends out Invitations to Tender to smaller companies, this requirement inevitably creates a downstream impact, resulting in a somewhat radical change to their normal course of business.

The Requirements Are Increasing, Quickly

Recently, we have received many enquiries for our 3D Laser Scanning services, in areas such as Ground Subsidence Monitoring, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Reclamation, Tunnelling etc, and we noticed that many of them are in the process of tendering for a project. 3D Laser Scanning usually forms part of a scope, be it in surveying, monitoring, engineering or creation of drawings.

These companies usually have two things in common: 1. The tender requires 3D Laser Scanning as part of the scope; 2. It is the first time that they are seeing this requirement. We can only imagine their reactions when they first saw the requirement; it may probably be surprise, bewilderment, confusion or even annoyance. This is perfectly understandable, and lays down the foundation of why we love our job, when we manage to convert these feelings into positive ones such as amazement, wonderment and fulfillment.

The Inevitable Embrace of This New Technology 

Upon meeting them, we quickly noticed that as surprised as they may be, many were curious and open about this technology and how it differs from their current practices. Intelligent questions were asked, queries were put forward, but at the end of the day, there was a consensus of how 3D Laser Scanning takes things forward, be it complementing or replacing current processes. Subsequently, adopting 3D Laser Scanning as part of their course of work becomes a breeze, and we are happy to say that we continue to play a significant role in that aspect.

This highlights the fact that in this time and age, advancements in technology is inevitable, and we either stay one step ahead, or at least hop onto the bandwagon to keep up.


Bedrock of Our Mission: Our Committed Service

At Aries Geomatics, we encourage you to come forward with your queries when you face situations like the above. At times, change is inevitable to a certain extent, but we pride ourselves in making this transition as smooth as possible. We believe in educating our clients so that they can make the best use of the 3D Laser Scanning technology, and we seek to work side by side with them to ensure that our solutions are comprehensive to their respective needs.

Our service is the bedrock that we build Aries Geomatics on, and we leave you with a pair of twin chairs on a boat, signifying the committed partnership we have with our clients, with a vessel disappearing into the horizon.