3D Meshing

A Mesh is a collection of points that creates the shape of a polygonal or polyhedral object in the 3D sense, and is performed by using scan points which are in close proximity to one another, using the geometrical information of those points. It is the other possible output of 3D Laser Scanning. 3D Meshing is typically used for objects that are smaller in size, and have non-uniform surfaces which has to be documented.

The result of 3D Meshing is a water-tight 3D model of the object, from which stems many other possible uses. One possible and popular application, is the conversion of the 3D Mesh into outputs compatible with 3D Printers. With this capability, it will be easy to recreate models of exact dimensions and size, with any alterations that the user may require. This opens doors into digital archiving, rapid prototyping, and reverse engineering, along with many other applications.

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