3D Data Analysis

cloud to cloud compare on asics shoe

cloud to cloud compare on asics shoe

The output of the 3D Laser Scanning is in the Point Cloud format, which basically makes up of millions and millions of scan points merged into a "cloud", which forms the exact shape and dimension of the scanned object or area. This data can be exported to many subsequent programmes including, but not limited to, Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Autodesk 3ds Max and many more. This compatibility is perfect for professionals from a range of industries like engineering, architecture, interior design etc. 

Analysis of the scanned data is suitable for many applications, which you may read about in our applications section, and this is made possible by the accuracy and precision of 3D Laser Scanning. Measurements like distance and angles can be taken directly off the point cloud data, together with spatial analysis and virtual walkthrough. Below are some examples of the various outputs of point cloud data:

There are countless of ways to utilise point cloud data, and at Aries Geomatics, we are committed to tailoring the best solution for your requirements together with your professionals with our expertise and experience. We love to explore new techniques and methodology with regards to this aspect, and we welcome all kinds of enquiries and requests across all sectors and industries. 

Analysis can sometimes be performed better with 3D Modeling. Do have a look at it here!

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